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A mobile CMMS, or nothing!

A mobile CMMS, or nothing!

Friday 12 july 2019

Key-need when implementing a Computerized Maintenance Management System [CMMS], mobility is for companies the main lever which will insure them huge progress in productivity.

Relying on state-of-the-art technologies, the latest generation mobile CMMS facilitates interventions on the field for maintenance technicians. It enables a real-time follow-up of the operations by managers and strengthens communication with clients. However, only essential and necessary features should be granted in mobility, to guarantee the simplification and optimization of the processes of managing maintenance operations and to allow immediate appropriation by the teams.

Managing maintenance interventions looks like a relay race. As such, it requires effective cohesion and organization: the transmission of the baton between the athletes is the moment of truth to win a 4 x 100 meters at the Olympics Games. For maintenance providers, the coordination between several people within the team of the provider, associated with excellent communication with the final customer (reception, analysis, and recording of requests, notifications during the intervention: date and time of passage, beginning, end and return to operational conditions or successful completion of the upkeep) are decisive elements in differentiating them from their competitors.

Note that today only a third of maintenance providers have a mobile digital tool to plan, follow and to invoice interventions. A deep and fast mutation in the entire sector can, therefore, be predicted over the next few years.

To properly analyze this phenomenon, in this article we will deal with the importance of perfectly managing the mobility of your human resources using a CMMS, with a real latest generation mobile application.

Communicate in mobility

The lack of real-time communication with technicians on the move leads to an efficiency loss and a drop in the quality of service offered to clients, which can be detrimental to the company and limit its growth in an increasingly competitive market. The absence of mobility leads to the multiplication of daily calls, paper exchanges or unstructured emails, difficulties in planning teams, unshared information, unoptimized journeys …

To avoid misunderstandings, approximations in planning, lack of visibility about what is going on the field, delays, it is mandatory to use a mobile application that will bring the traceability and transparency regarding technicians’ interventions, optimize their journeys and increase the quality of service.

Better collaboration and information sharing

Mobile applications must deliver to technicians, in addition to basic information such as updated schedule, place of intervention, client contact details, task description, necessary materials and spares parts, further information such as the history of previously realized interventions, instructions, documentation of the equipment, comments and pictures, etc.

On the other side, the technician, thanks to his smartphone will automatically get the duration of the intervention (either by declaring it via Start & Stop buttons, or by automatic recording), travel times and distances as well as the report, recording of measurements, customer signatures, photos or any other useful data collected directly from the field. This real-time reporting of information enables back-office teams at the head office to process it without delay in order to move on to the “next step”: validation, closing, invoicing, ordering parts, sending backup, re-scheduling, calculating profitability, following performance, etc. It also allows direct communication with the client during the entire operation.

A latest-generation mobile CMMS must also ensure the traceability of the information entered. With Yuman, each event, each data modification is recorded, signed, time-stamped and can be checked afterward if necessary.  

Exchanging, even without connexion

Knowing that 84% of paperwork orders are incomplete or mistaken, it has become a priority for companies to get a mature mobile solution, which integrates all the necessary features while being easy to use for technicians on the field. That is why Yuman emphasis the user experience and offers a mobile application that does not require any specific training and guarantees immediate appropriation.

Finally, as the maintenance technicians frequently work in places where connexion is not optimum (buildings basements, car-parks, etc), it is essential to use an application able to automatically synchronize data offline, while guaranteeing the safety and confidentiality of the information exchanged. On the one hand, so that the technician has permanent access to the data and on the other hand so that he can hand over his intervention report to the manager. Thus, nothing comes jamming the mechanism of information transmission!


Today, technological progress enables Yuman to offer a web and mobile application, friendly, easy to use, which promotes team collaboration and customer information. As the cost of cell phones and data plans have dropped significantly and applications are becoming easier to use, there is no longer any reason not to take the plunge.

By the way, our ambition is to offer an unparalleled user experience. Check it out right away: try CMMS for free. Within 2 minutes, the time it takes to create your account, you'll discover what's newest in this category of software.

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