Manage CMMS user permissions

Yuman CMMS allows you to manage the authorisations of the different users of the software: managers, technicians and guests.

In the "Users > Permissions" tab of the CMMS, you assign each user more or less extensive rights to view and edit key information for your company.

Thus, for office users (manager profile), you define access to interventions, invoices, estimates, maintenance contracts and CMMS parameters. For each of these functions, the software administrator activates the right to read, edit, send to the customer and the possibility to receive or not the corresponding notifications.

For mobile technicians, you activate access to open work orders, i.e. the possibility to view the interventions to be performed but not yet scheduled on a specific date or assigned to a team member. Technicians can thus assign tasks to themselves according to the scheduled date, the distance to be covered or the customer concerned. You can also choose to give them access to the mapping of maintenance interventions so that they can optimize their routes.

In this way, within your company, every user in the office or on the move has access to the data and functionalities they need in complete security.

Yuman CMMS also includes the "Guest User" module. These external users are the customers or managers of the installations on which you work. In the "Guest Permissions" tab, you give them access to the software and choose which data they can view: interventions, invoices, quotes, contracts or maintenance plans. It is also from this module that the "Intervention request" functionality is activated.

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