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The CMMS guest portal

With Yuman CMMS, you can create access for a user outside your maintenance team: a customer or a requester.

Once the guest portal has been activated on your account by the Yuman team, you can create an access for each user, from the Users tab > Active Accounts > + Guest. You can assign a password to your guest or let him/her choose one.

Each guest can therefore log in to and view CMMS data with restricted access.

The permissions are as follows:

  • limited view of interventions: does not contain custom fields and internal information

  • extended view of the interventions: the content is the same as for a Yuman manager

  • quote view

  • invoice view

  • contracts or maintenance plans view

  • The guest user can also create requests for interventions. He then fills out a request form, which is received by the manager on a fixed line or by a technician on his cell phone.

    Once the request is accepted and processed, the requester receives a notification to inform him/her. If the request has already been processed or in case of duplication, the manager can reject the request.

    cmms guest portal

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