How to enter an intervention on his smartphone?

Yuman CMMS is available on mobile and tablet computers so that technicians can manage their maintenance interventions (curative, preventive or predictive) in real time in the field.

By logging on to the application, the technician has the schedule of his day and the list of interventions to be carried out. He is informed of the data concerning the customer, the site, the equipment to be maintained or repaired, as well as the details of his mission. He also has access to the history of the site and the interventions previously carried out (installation, maintenance or troubleshooting).

With a simple click on the Start button, he starts his maintenance intervention: the working time is automatically recorded. He can complete his intervention report, custom fields, add photos, parts and materials used, fill out a digitalized regulatory form. If necessary, the button "request for quote" allows to inform the manager of a quote to be prepared for the customer.

At any time, the technician can interrupt his intervention and resume it later. This break time is deducted from the working time.

The technician then closes his intervention (Stop button) and asks the customer to sign. If necessary, he can schedule a new visit.

The information entered on the application is saved and a service report in PDF format is prepared. This report can be sent to the applicant after the intervention. The technician can also issue the invoice for faster collection.

If the option is activated in the software preferences, the technician can directly add a new intervention from his mobile CMMS. He enters the customer's data (company or individual), the site and the equipment involved, describes the mission to be performed and the intervention slot.

Also note that if the rounds are carried out in teams, only one technician completes the field intervention form. He will simply record his colleague's working times via the Start and Stop buttons.

Finally, the CMMS also works in disconnected mode, in case of loss of connection or network.

Mobile CMMS Field technician application maintenance management
Mobile CMMS Field technician application maintenance management