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CMMS as a growth driver

CMMS as a growth driver

Sunday 09 february 2020

If you want to save time, free up resources, standardize procedures in your company, be able to manage a growing flow of critical information, deadlines, security standards, regulations, don't wait any longer... adopt a new generation mobile CMMS.

A CMMS to manage information

Wasting time managing emergency situations with makeshift solutions, mobilizing resources to cover the growing needs of maintenance asset management, juggling with dated tools, composite and heterogeneous tools within its structure... this is the daily routine for many maintenance companies today.

In today's data age, each piece of information is an essential resource, a precious material in the operational and commercial management of your company. Data should no longer be stored in separate silos such as paper workbooks, Excel files, CMMS without mobility. It must be able to be fully exploited and therefore recorded in a space open to planners, managers, technicians, customers and even users. This new way of processing data will ensure that it can be reused and shared ad infinitum. It is by combining and associating the information within a modern and adapted tool that it will be able to unleash its full potential and be the lever of your activity. Data must be seen as the raw material of your business.

The role of a CMMS that is perfectly adapted and appropriated by everyone will thus become essential. The CMMS is your maintenance control tower. Not only does it facilitate the recording of every piece of information from curative and preventive work orders, maintenance plans, technical asset histories, BMS/GTC software, connected objects, order processing software and any other file that documents your systems, but it is also able to process this information within a multitude of automated services: planning, invoicing, communication, inventory management, etc.

A CMMS to eliminate crises

Better safe than sorry! Monitoring equipment performance and malfunctions continuously, identifying problems, being alerted before an incident or even disaster occurs, is only possible after effective data collection and management upstream. Prevention, anticipation and prediction are all proactive tools made available to the company by CMMS to help it identify potential problems before they turn into disasters. Once you have this capability, you control when and how you maintain your company's assets, transforming your maintenance from reactive to proactive.

Once the information is collected, restored and processed in real-time by the CMMS, you have the ability to control and manage all your teams, technicians and equipment in the field. The multiplicity of combined sources allows cross-checking and gives you the possibility at any time to reorganize resources according to the needs of the moment, to manage hazards, and to anticipate problems.

A CMMS as a management tool

In today's markets, it is essential to have processes that result in first-class products and services that are always reliable. Once customers know they can rely on your company, they will be loyal - and spread the word. It's the winning ticket to sustainable growth for your business.

To do this, you need the commitment and involvement of all your employees. A modern CMMS will help you to achieve this goal, for example by checking their on-site attendance time, drawing up checklists for everyone to refer to and comply with. It allows you to retain the intelligence that could have been lost when an experienced employee leaves the company, by automatically transferring his knowledge, now shared and stored in the system, to new arrivals.

The traceability of each intervention, movement or equipment, and the accessibility to this information in real-time offered by a CMMS gives the team manager, who is absent and far from the field, perfect visibility of his deployed staff and the state of the park. He knows who is doing what, where and when. He knows which assets are down, stopped or likely to fail in the near future. For his department, this is a guarantee of the quality of the work carried out, the optimization of the performance of each person and better operation of the installations.

The teams, thus empowered and connected, are also relieved by the CMMS of the tedious and approximate tasks of collecting, storing and entering information on paper to be physically restored afterward. each event is tracked and recorded.

No one wants to believe that a technician wants to botch his work, but it does happen sometimes without your knowledge. A mobile CMMS will tell you who's doing what and when who the biggest contributors are, who the most talented people are in your teams with tangible and accurate information. It will instantly show you which interventions are failing or less qualitative that could have a negative impact on your customers' satisfaction. It is thus a real management tool that will allow you to reward your best employees and give others the means and support they need to become valued members of your organization and your customers.

And as a conclusion ...

Data processing thanks to an efficient CMMS is nowadays a major commercial and operational challenge for a company. Exploiting these mountains of high-potential information, which was once difficult to store, requires an appropriate management tool that allows data to be collected, transmitted, stored and, ultimately, processed by cross-checking, combining and sharing it. Today, only a high-performance CMMS can fulfill this mission, while helping you to improve your processes and increase productivity.

Big Data has incredible potential to change the way you run your department or business. By combining, comparing and synthesizing pieces of information that, in the past were either non-existent or scattered over a multitude of heterogeneous media, a next-generation CMMS will help you streamline and improve your processes, show you how to make optimal use of your various resources and thus ensure the growth of your business. And that's essential for you and your customers and for everyone who works with you.

By the way, our ambition is to offer an unparalleled user experience. Check it out right away: try CMMS for free. Within 2 minutes, the time it takes to create your account, you'll discover what's newest in this category of software.

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