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KPIs, the tool to achieve organizational goals

KPIs, the tool to achieve organizational goals

Monday 25 february 2019

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are statistics used by companies to assess the effectiveness of their actions and help them reach their organizational goals. Finding what works fine, helps the companies define which areas are optimized and alerts them of the ones that on the contrary, need improvement.

This provides a global vision of the performance of the company. Nevertheless, it is important to understand that KPIs are specific to each company and to help you choose the best indicators for your business, it is necessary to make sure each Indicator meets the following criteria:

• It must be quantifiable
• It must be comprehensible, shareable and appropriate for everyone
• It must be adjustable to your action plan

In this article, we will focus on key performance indicators for field service providers, so in that way we show how useful it is to link the KPIs to their product and/or service.

KPIs to better manage your time & to improve customer satisfaction

The maintenance field is a service activity requiring a high level of expertise, whether it deals with the implementation of new facilities, maintenance, but even more the repairs which compulsorily need a great responsiveness.

Therefore, to be able to evaluate the contribution of each of the team members, it is necessary to measure and follow a set of indicators (global, by the team, by the technician, for a certain period, etc.) among which the main ones are :

• The response time
• The resolution time
• The preventive maintenance compliance
• The preventive/ curative ratio
• Time spent traveling
• Time spent on an intervention

Comparing these indicators is also essential to improve performance and to be able to analyze and understand the possible differences between each region, team, and so on. To make sure the KPI are used efficiently, the evolution of performances should be monitored over a certain period of time.

The response time

It is the response time measured between the opening of an intervention request and the beginning of the intervention in the field. The latest generation of CMMS software automatically identifies and records the speed with which technicians respond to service requests. The application alerts technicians in the field when action is required and avoids time-consuming paperwork.

Response time is key to measuring the company's ability to manage its time and organize its teams in the field. The company must have rapidly mobilizable resources at its disposal, and for this purpose CMMS provides valuable assistance by indicating not only where the technicians are located, but above all when their current mission will be completed, its level of priority and the time required for each person to travel to the site. During the day, you can follow the progress of the scheduled interventions: what has been done and what remains to be done. You can analyze travel times and reduce the travel time of your technicians. Thus, CMMS does much more than plan the tasks of your staff in the field.

For managers, real-time evaluation can be performed remotely. For clients another great advantage is that an SMS notification can be transmitted to the person who will receive the technician, in order to know if there is a delay or advance in his service assistance. The KPIs are easily collected (with the “START” button), accessible, monitored, and as real-time is guaranteed, customer satisfaction is therefore improved.

  • The Meantime to repair

This is the average time required to correct and/or repair equipment and return it to normal operating conditions. This includes notification time, diagnostic time, fix time, waiting time, test time, etc. Meantime indicates the extent to which an organization can react and solve a problem. CMMS provides the "STOP" button, which allows to collect the information directly, without re-entering data and perform the calculation to restore the average value of the resolution time.

  • The preventive maintenance compliance

The purpose of the preventative maintenance is to establish scheduled inspections so that defects can be spotted before they evolve into a more severe issue. The PMC score is the percentage of scheduled preventative work orders that get done in a defined time interval. An added value that CMMS provides is that the software automatically performs this evaluation based on the number of interventions made and the time required t o perform them.

  • KPIs to know your curative/ preventive ratio

For a service provider involved in maintenance, this is one of the most important KPI (curative-preventive ratio). Preventive maintenance ensures that the equipment receives regular, scheduled maintenance with the aim that everything works out properly. The goal is to anticipate failures and reduce unplanned time loss. Routine actions are defined and the scheduled time is also assessed so that interventions can be perfectly scheduled. The way of working evolves among all the maintenance providers and the arrangement of working time will allow you to manage your daily work effectively.

Appropriate KPIs are essential to maintaining quality. They can be considered as a whole, for example per team, per technician, for a given period of time, each being comparable to the other and with changing trends. You can also consider these KPIs per intervention: number, total duration, average duration, etc. Everything can be customized for managers who want to adopt this innovative tool: it is the added value that CMMS offers its customers to help them manage their daily work. Having indicators is the key to success if you really want to offer added value to your company.

Take into consideration that achieving your goals will not only depend on your team (field workers) to do their part, but also on the tools that will help them perform efficiently their jobs. Good KPI control leads to success, and likewise lead you one step ahead of your competitors.

By the way, our ambition is to offer an unparalleled user experience. Check it out right away: try CMMS for free. Within 2 minutes, the time it takes to create your account, you'll discover what's newest in this category of software.

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