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Who uses CMMS?

Who uses CMMS?

Tuesday 22 march 2022

Who uses CMMS? CMMS does not only concern maintenance companies or specialized industrial teams. Its functionalities interest many other companies and stakeholders. This article will provide an overview of the sectors and types of companies that will find benefits in using CMMS.

As the definition of CMMS indicates, a Computerized Maintenance Management Solution is far from being a simple intervention management software or an inventory management software. Let's zoom in on the uses of the tool according to the sectors and types of companies.

The use of CMMS is not reserved for large companies

For a long time, it was considered that maintenance management software was reserved for large companies. However, small units need to properly manage their inventory and maximize equipment utilization. CMMS solutions for small businesses exist. They offer more limited functionalities adapted to small businesses. They focus on the core concerns of human-sized companies: productivity (equipment and intervention tracking) and inventory and resource management (schedules and work orders).

Which industries use CMMS?

Many industries use maintenance management software. CMMS can be used whenever a company needs to ensure the proper functioning of a set of equipment.

The use of CMMS by industrial SMEs

CMMS for SMEs is primarily used in the industrial sector. SMEs that have a production tool or that manage heavy installations use CMMS to avoid breakdowns on production lines.

Other sectors that use CMMS

In real estate, Computer Aided Management is used to centralize data related to building maintenance. This information is used to plan routine technical interventions. Transport companies use these solutions to organize the maintenance of their vehicle fleet. As for companies in the medical field, they use this system to anticipate breakdowns (preventive maintenance). This reinforces the reliability of the hospital system and health equipment.

CMMS used by companies seeking industrial performance

With the rise of Industry 4.0, there are more and more machines on production lines. As a result, maintenance needs are increasing. To optimize costs, industrial maintenance departments are taking advantage of digital tools. The instantaneous nature of the data allows for greater reactivity. The information collected is capitalized and shared between all technicians. This allows the implementation of a real predictive maintenance strategy in Industry 4.0. The CMMS for ETI is mobilized as a strategic lever. It is part of the digital transition strategy that industrial SMEs must implement to optimize their performance.

The use of CMMS by facility management start-ups

Facility management start-ups (outsourced general services) are also users of CMMS for start-ups.  Assisted maintenance reinforces the added value of the service they offer to industry. Facility managers use CMMS to reduce costs by automating certain tasks. Many start-ups offer support for the deployment of facility management coupled with CMMS.

The uses of Computerized Maintenance Management in the public sector

CMMS for the public sector is also very widespread. It is used in particular for the maintenance of public facilities. It allows the assisted maintenance of sports facilities, but also of public lighting, road and telecom networks and infrastructures such as airports or train stations. In the public sector, purchasing is subject to sometimes very long and complex processes. The use of assisted maintenance software allows you to save time on parts replacement by quickly mobilizing the purchasing department.

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