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How does CMMS work?

How does CMMS work?

Tuesday 22 march 2022

In concrete terms, from software start-up to intervention planning, how does CMMS work? How are the different modules of a CMMS software organized? Which functionalities are used, by which users, and for which types of operations? Are you wondering how CMMS works and whether your teams will know how to use this software? Let's zoom in on how this maintenance management tool actually works.

And also for the record, the post definition of CMMS shows how versatile a tool it is.

The handling of the CMMS by the maintenance department teams

Once the software is installed, the maintenance teams have access to an interface. Current CMMS solutions offer simple and intuitive interfaces. The CMMS is therefore quick to learn. A short training session is enough to enable users to use all the functionalities of the maintenance management tool. The uses of the CMMS vary according to the users. A maintenance technician will not need to access the same data as a manager. It is therefore essential to customize access rights. Each user of the management software will thus have access to the reports and information concerning his activity.

Centralization of equipment data in the CMMS software

A CMMS software works thanks to the updating of data. The deployment of a maintenance management software starts with the equipment management module. It consists of an asset directory which allows to list and describe all the company's assets. The data sheets are classified in the software according to a tree structure. This system makes it possible to link each piece of equipment to a site or to another machine, which facilitates the maintenance management of complex systems. The catalog is enriched by the maintenance management teams as they go along.

Automated inventory management and requisitioning mechanism

CMMS solutions also offer an inventory management module. The maintenance manager defines thresholds at which alerts are activated. The CMMS interface allows a manual order to be placed with the purchasing department in a few clicks. Some CMMS software allows you to automate requests for quotes and supplies from suppliers. The manager visualizes all inventory movements and associated costs using fully customized analysis reports.

The planning process in CMMS software

The maintenance manager or head of the maintenance department can view the schedule of interventions on the CMMS interface. The duration of the work at the customer's premises and the travel time are automatically calculated according to a customizable parameterization. The management can also manage the allocation of work to workers by simple drag and drop. He can follow in real time the requests for quotation, follow the production of work and react quickly in case of emergency at a customer's site.

How does mobile CMMS work?

In a mobile situation, mobile CMMS works without an Internet network thanks to an off-line mode. The maintenance personnel in external intervention connect to a mobile application installed on their work phone. Technicians can directly access mission data (customer information, equipment involved, etc.). On site, teams can also view their schedule and talk to their manager. At the end of the job, a digital signature from the customer automatically generates the invoice.

Ease of use is one of the main advantages and criteria for choosing a CMMS solution. This simple operation adapts to the diversity of the companies concerned. From data analysis to activity reporting, the CMMS thus functions as a real toolbox to facilitate the life of maintenance teams.

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