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How to manage your interventions with a CMMS?

How to manage your interventions with a CMMS?

Thursday 23 april 2020

Integrated into the CMMS, the intervention management module must be simple and efficient! After the planning stage, it is the key functionality that will save the technician time in front of the equipment, improve communication with the teams in the office, and keep customers informed more quickly. We'll see how it works in the field.

> What is a CMMS for?

For technicians, the management of interventions is done via their mobile CMMS application, on a tablet or smartphone. With some CMMS, no downloading is necessary, the web-app runs on iOS, Android, regardless of the phone model or tablet via a recent Internet browser, and the application even works off-line without an Internet connection!

The CMMS will organize your interventions :

  • Permanently updated planning
  • Notification alerts
  • Direct GPS navigation to the site
  • Expected time for each intervention
  • Description of the mission, history of the site, necessary materials, notices, etc.
  • Calculation of intervention times by Start & Stop
  • Taking pictures
  • Balance sheet entry by voice command
  • Client's signature
  • Collection of measurements and any relevant data
  • Report ready upon completion of mission

The technicians thus have a list of the interventions that have been assigned to them for the day and the days to come. With a simple click, they can view customer, site and equipment data as well as comments and instructions left by their manager.

CMMS - Management of mobile interventions

How to get to the intervention site

The technician launches the GPS via the Waze button without having to re-enter the address. Since we tell you that CMMS is designed to save time for all its users! According to company policy, it is possible to record GPS positions at the Start and Stop of the intervention. These can be found on the map, allowing you to know at any time where the men are in the field: easier management and enhanced safety.

Once on site

One click on START and off you go! The CMMS automatically records the start time: one less thing to think about. If the intervention is carried out as a team, the intervention time of your colleague is triggered. This avoids unnecessary re-entries. It is also possible to mark breaks without interrupting the current intervention. At any time, the technician has a history of the interventions performed. Date of the last intervention, cause of the breakdown, repairs carried out, the CMMS then becomes a real diagnostic tool.

Now it's time to add photos, spare parts and equipment used, to complete the custom fields and to write the intervention report by typing it or dictating it by voice command.

That's it, the intervention is finished

One click on STOP and that's it! The end time is recorded. A quick glance to check that everything is completed and the customer can be asked to sign in and if necessary a new visit can be scheduled.

And the construction of the intervention report? It is already ready! As soon as the intervention is finished, the report in PDF format can be sent to the customer. This can be done automatically or, if desired, after validation by a manager.

And the invoice? It is already ready if the intervention is to be invoiced. Here too, with or without the General Terms and Conditions of Sale, it can be sent to the customer. Immediately or after validation. What is certain is that it does not need to be re-entered. This is - almost - magic. For interventions at private individuals, the collection can be done on site.

The intervention goes to the green status "Done" for the manager who receives a real-time notification sent by the CMMS that the intervention has been carried out. And you can move on to the next intervention! It's as simple as that.

CMMS - Preventive maintenance management

If it is a preventive maintenance intervention, the process on the mobile CMMS is the same. The manager's request is replaced by the instructions relating to the maintenance ranges to be carried out during the maintenance visit and the checkboxes certifying that the actions provided for in the maintenance plan have been carried out correctly.

Not only does the intervention turn green on the list of interventions, but also on the maintenance plan, which is therefore updated automatically. The next visits may or may not be postponed depending on the settings of the range.

CMMS for efficient task management

CMMS is an indispensable tool for managing maintenance interventions, avoiding re-entry, building detailed reports, historizing information and having access to it in the field, when needed.

The management of interventions via a mobile and user-friendly CMMS considerably improves the feedback of information from the field, communication with the customer and facilitates the monitoring of days with the key to productivity gains and improved quality of customer service.

By the way, our ambition is to offer an unparalleled user experience. Check it out right away: try CMMS for free. Within 2 minutes, the time it takes to create your account, you'll discover what's newest in this category of software.

You can also benefit from a demonstration led by one of our consultants: book a videoconference

Good discovery and see you soon on Yuman.

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