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What is a CMMS for?

What is a CMMS for?

Saturday 25 april 2020

The functional scope of CMMS [Computerized Maintenance Management System] does not stop at the management of maintenance interventions. Beyond the planning and monitoring of preventive operations, CMMS manages maintenance contracts, detailed maintenance plans combining preventive, periodic and regulatory interventions. And to ensure that the process is complete, CMMS also makes it possible to invoice the services performed.

> What is a CMMS?

Much more suitable for maintenance than an ERP, CMMS is a dedicated tool that offers daily productivity gains and improves communication between managers, on-site teams and customers. It is indispensable for all companies operating in the maintenance sector, service providers, craftsmen of course, but also industry and hotel complexes with a large quantity of assets to maintain in good working order.

CMMS Planning

CMMS facilitates the planning of curative and preventive maintenance interventions. From the customer or site database or directly from the schedule, you can easily create a new intervention. The information to be completed is very simple: mission to be accomplished, date and time of intervention, technician or team mobilized. The technician is notified in real time on the mobile version of the CMMS that a new intervention has been assigned to him. He can therefore carry it out as quickly as possible.

For preventive maintenance, work orders are automatically generated by the CMMS from the maintenance plan. All you have to do is find a free slot in accordance with the availability of your customers and your technicians.

And if your technicians travel long distances every day, CMMS helps you visualize all the interventions on a map, and thus plan optimized routes.

CMMS Response Management

From his mobile phone, the technician has access to all the information recorded in the CMMS: customer data, sites, history of work carried out on the equipment, instructions, photos, etc. The challenge is to provide a mobile CMMS application that is easy to use, that facilitates the entry of work orders on site and that integrates more dynamic elements: taking photos, scanning the QR code of the items and consumables used, etc. This is notably what some CMMS offers, with an offline mode for seamless use.

Once the work is completed, the CMMS automatically processes the data entered to create a PDF document. The latter can be instantly consulted by the manager and sent to the customer. CMMS optimizes your intervention management and becomes a real communication tool to certify the work done to your customers.

CMMS Maintenance

Here we are at the heart of CMMS: maintenance. In the broadest sense, maintenance includes all the technical and administrative actions carried out during the life cycle of an asset in order to keep it in good working order.

Importing maintenance ranges, building maintenance plans by site and by equipment and automatically generating the associated work orders, this is how CMMS should seriously save you time. Information is centralized and managers, customers and technicians can access it at any time.

CMMS allows you to plan and execute maintenance properly, managing multiple deadlines and associated checks. You can monitor the proper execution of maintenance plan interventions in real time, ensuring that you meet your contractual and regulatory obligations.

Paper, Excel, ERP, whatever, no other solution will allow you to properly manage maintenance, except CMMS. Nowadays web & mobile, accessible at any time and easy to use, even without training, CMMS is indispensable for structuring your maintenance actions and transmitting them to your on-site teams.

CMMS Billing

Because all maintenance interventions have a cost: mobilization of men, time, equipment, consumables used, etc., it is important to optimize invoicing. CMMS limits unnecessary re-entries to gain efficiency when producing invoices. Thanks to the processing of information fed back from the field: travel time, intervention time, fixed price, items used, etc., CMMS automatically prepares invoices. These can be sent by email to the customer directly from the technician's mobile phone or checked by the administrative team before being sent.

For contractual invoicing, CMMS is also a great help. Financial information relating to the contract, such as the amount of the fee, due dates or even the revaluation formulas to be applied, is processed by the CMMS, which generates the contract invoices, without any re-entry on your part.

Finally, quotes can also be transformed into invoices. Indispensable for site management!

Other CMMS functionalities

The functional perimeter of CMMS does not stop there. Equipment life cycle, inventory and purchasing management, quotations, mapping, digitisation of regulatory forms, customer portal, performance indicators, etc., CMMS is a comprehensive tool that provides day-to-day support for administrative and technical teams on site.

By the way, our ambition is to offer an unparalleled user experience. Check it out right away: try CMMS for free. Within 2 minutes, the time it takes to create your account, you'll discover what's newest in this category of software.

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