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How to bill with a CMMS?

How to bill with a CMMS?

Saturday 25 april 2020

Billing for maintenance work is the sinews of war. Because optimizing payment terms is crucial for the financial health of any company. With the CMMS holding your customer base, the interventions carried out, travel times, time spent on site, spare parts and consumables used, etc., it is the essential tool for rapid invoicing. The information is gathered in a single software package and no re-entry is necessary.

> What is a CMMS for?

CMMS Invoicing of curative interventions

In the case of an urgent maintenance intervention, carried out at the express request of the customer, you don't want to wait to send the invoice and receive payment. CMMS will help you to optimize invoicing from A to Z.

On-site invoicing in Front-Office

Mobile CMMS allows you to manage billing directly on site. Simply set up the rates for labor, service packages, spare parts and the technician from his mobile application will be able to generate the invoice and send it immediately by email to the customer. He can even take care of the collection.

Invoicing after validation by the Back-Office

Would you prefer to make a few checks and modifications before sending to the client? No problem, as soon as the intervention is completed, the information collected by the technician from his mobile phone is instantly accessible by the manager or the person in charge of invoicing. This person will validate the invoice and send it by email. The finalization of an invoice is very fast and it is also sent by email. The CMMS takes care of sending the e-mail: no need to go and get the recipient's e-mail address, search, write a text, attach the invoice, VAT certificate, General Terms and Conditions of Sale, etc., everything is linked and is done directly from the CMMS.

Your customer will be convinced by your professionalism and the quality of your follow-up: he will pay you more quickly and will be more inclined to renew his confidence in you.

Follow-up of emails sent

What if sending the email didn't work? That it is never received or opened? That the e-mail address is false? Don't panic. Modern CMMS trace the sending of emails, with statuses such as sent, delivered, opened, rejected. You can also set up the receipt of notifications to be notified when the recipient opens the email. No more "I didn't receive your invoice" possible...

How about sending a bill in the mail?

Well, if you still send your invoices in paper format, just print out the PDF and prepare to send it. As far as the delivery time is concerned, it no longer depends on the CMMS... Remember, however, that the vast majority of customers today expect to receive a digital invoice! Moreover, for France, in the context of public contracts or invoicing of a private company, it is compulsory for the latter to be digital, including for micro-enterprises since January 1, 2020. We advise you to systematize as much as possible the sending of the invoice by email with CMMS.

CMMS Invoicing of building sites and installations

What about construction sites, installations? It's just as easy. Once the estimate has been accepted by your customer, created from your CMMS of course, you can generate the invoice and the associated work sheet in just one click. No need to copy your customer's name and address on each document, it's a whole new world!

CMMS Contract Invoicing

Don't worry, we haven't forgotten the invoicing of maintenance contracts. CMMS allows you to register your maintenance contracts with an operational part: the maintenance plan, and a financial part. Manage very easily the amount of the annual fee, the payment deadlines and even add your financial revaluation formulas for an automatic update of the invoiced amounts.

Invoices are generated automatically thanks to the information entered at the creation of the contract. From then on, you can view in one click all the contract invoices for the current month, for example. A small check and hop, sent by email!

Transfer to accounting?

With CMMS, it is very easy to set up a connector with your accounting software in order to transfer all the invoices directly into your accounting journals.

CMMS for efficient and profitable invoicing

Having a CMMS for invoicing maintenance interventions, whether they are preventive contractualized interventions, curative interventions or installation or renovation sites will allow you to eliminate all time-consuming re-entries.

With a CMMS that integrates invoicing, you will thus save considerable time on the preparation and issue of all your invoices and your customers will pay you more quickly.

Efficient, fast and cost-effective, CMMS is an indispensable ally for electronic invoicing that is fully integrated with the operations performed or to be performed.

By the way, our ambition is to offer an unparalleled user experience. Check it out right away: try CMMS for free. Within 2 minutes, the time it takes to create your account, you'll discover what's newest in this category of software.

You can also benefit from a demonstration led by one of our consultants: book a videoconference

Good discovery and see you soon on Yuman.

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